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Corporate Governance

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

This Policy is intended to provide all employees with a basic introduction to how MGB combats bribery and corruption in furtherance of the group’s commitment to lawful and ethical behaviour at all times.

Code of Conduct and Ethics for all staffs

Our Code of Conduct is a way to practice our values and to define the standards by which we operate. It does not matter what your role is or your designation: we all face difficult questions in our day to day operations. The Code is there to provide you with a standard against which you may measure any of your activities so that we always ‘do the right thing.’

Terms of Reference for the Audit & Risk Management Committee

Terms of Reference for the Nomination and Remuneration Committee

This document describes the terms of reference for the Nomination and Remuneration Committee which assists the Board of Directors in assessing the performance of Directors, nominating new Directors and adopting a transparent policy on remuneration of Directors as well as ensuring the suitability of remuneration packages. 

Board Charter

This document clearly defines the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the Board of Directors and senior management in setting the direction of the Group and in managing its operations.

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Directors

This policy document defines the code of conduct for the Company’s Directors as part of its commitment to promoting high standards of honest and ethical leadership in steering a public listed company.

Related Party Transaction Policy

This document defines the Company’s policy relating to any transaction or business arrangements involving the Group and any other parties that are directly or indirectly related to the Group.

Whistle Blowing Policy

This document defines the Company’s policy relating to the act of whistle-blowing including well-defined processes, safeguards and protection for whistle-blowers.

Shareholder Communication Policy

This policy aims to promote effective communication with shareholders and other stakeholders and to encourage effective participation at the Company’s General Meetings

Gender Diversity Policy

This policy aims to sets out the approach to boardroom diversity through the Company’s Committee which takes steps to ensure that women candidate are sought as part of its recruitment exercise.

Remuneration Policy

This policy aims to assist the Company in attracting, retaining and motivating experienced, qualified and high caliber members of the Board and Key Senior Management of the Company. The remuneration will be based on conditions that are market competitive and at the same time aligned with the business strategy and long term objectives of the Company as well as reflecting the relevant responsibilities, expertise and complexity of the Company’s activities.

Fit and Proper Policy

This policy set out the Group’s approach to the assessment of the fit and proper status candidates that who are to be appointed onto the Board as well as Directors who are seeking for re-election, improve the overall quality of directors and promote greater transparency on the criteria for board appointments.